Delta Force Online

Want to play online? Miss the old days?
Follow the simple 5 step guide below.

Here it goes...

So you want to play online right?

It's not as hard as you think. Select from the following options.

  1. CD Install
  2. Steam

CD Install

  1. Install DF, duh!
  2. Open or remember the directory DF is installed to e.g
    C:\Program Files\NovaLogic\Delta Force
  3. Grab the following download;
    1. Includes Pre-patched Delta Force V1.00.03.03P (with Update/DynPorts) and netsock.dll
  4. Extract the zip file to somewhere easy to locate and execute in the following order;
    1. Copy all files and overwrite existing.
    2. This was longer but thanks to Panther at NovaHQ for a pre-compiled patch
  5. Boot DF.exe and start playing! Easy wasn't it!

Video Tutorial

Steam Install

  1. Grab the following download:
    1. Lobby Fix
  2. Extract the zip file to somewhere easy to locate and leave the window open.
  3. Run Steam.
    1. Right click on Delta Force in Steam.
    2. Select Properties.
    3. Navigate to the Local Files tab.
    4. Select Browse Local Files.
    5. The Steam directory for DF should now be open.
  4. Copy the netsock.dll from the Lobby Fix directory.
    1. Paste into Steam directory and overwrite the existing netsock.dll (Optional: DF.exe if you wish to host).
  5. Launch DF in Steam and start playing! Easy wasn't it!

Video Tutorial

Note: Black screen shown is unpatched Steam version.

Undocumented Features

For better, more detailed support visit the Facebook Group or Nova HQ and post a question.

  • Patch won't install?

  • Run as Administrator, don't extract the .zip to same directory as DF.

  • I have a white bar around DF on Windows 8/10?

  • Video Tutorial

    Download Windowed Borderless Gaming from here.

  • Steam Version?

  • Do not validate Steam Install. If you only want to play online, just replace netsock.dll. If you want to host replace DF.exe and netsock.dll.

  • Hosting Online

  • If you wish to host online, first ensure you have patched correctly by applying Dynamic Ports patch and netsock.dll. Second ensure you have made a firewall exception and opened your ports UDP 3568, 3569.

Scheduled Events

Join our weekly events at 19:00 UTC each Sunday. With TDM, CTF, TKOTH on rotation, it never gets old.

DF Day Event

For the latest gametype check the Facebook Group.

Fully tracked player stats

If only this was around way back when. See how bad you suck (or not).
Featuring a points based system, which tracks the basic stuff along with detailed kills, deaths, flag stats, zone stats and much more.

DF Statistics

Visit DF1 Stats.

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